Project Engro

Engro Foundation, well known for its ongoing CSR efforts, has ventured into – as yet – the unchartered territory of technology blended schools. To this end, Engro has reached an agreement with SABAQ to integrate technology into 3 of their adopted schools including a Katcha School, Sahara School, and the Govt. adopted Jung Madarsa.
Given its significant expertise in the Ed-tech industry, SABAQ has been delegated to provide Engro with the following:

MeraSABAQ Tabs

SABAQ will provide 43 MeraSABAQ tablets, with built-in software, engrossing lessons and interactive testing solutions in English, Urdu, and Sindhi, to create an active and engaging environment conducive to learning.


Teacher Training

SABAQ will also provide the schools with accompanying multi-tiered teachers’ training, inclusive of training the staff on efficient usage of MeraSABAQ tablets together with effective management of introducing technology into classrooms.


Student Evaluations

SABAQ has additionally agreed to conduct pre- and post-implementation grade-level subject assessments of students of all three schools, as well as those of other schools over the same period of time. Since Engro plans to introduce technology to more schools, these evaluations will provide particularly relevant data about the effects of technology in classrooms and the resulting progress of students.


Classroom Observations

Along with the rest, SABAQ will carry out classroom observations to maintain the quality of education and student interactivity at SABAQ-recommended levels.


SABAQ and Engro’s partnership promises to improve the country’s ongoing education crisis by disseminating knowledge and tech-literacy among a wider net of children and communities.