MeraSABAQ is our custom-made tablet designed to be used both by proficient as well as novice teachers across formal and non-formal learning environments. Designed to encourage peer learning where students learn together, with and from each other, meraSABAQ can be used to target numeracy and literacy skills and develop science concepts of students from kindergarten to grade 5. meraSABAQ’s pedagogically sound and engaging digital content in regional and local languages can be easily integrated to create a blended learning experience or used as a supplementary resource to revise previously taught concepts.


To share our content on a wider scale, we regularly upload on YouTube. Currently, we have two series:

  • Alif Say Yay!:

This series is aimed towards introducing Urdu letters and develop crucial listening, reading and writing skills for young children. To aid understanding, the series delves into the different shapes that a letter transforms into in different positions within a word.

  • Bay Hisaab Math:

This is aimed towards introducing important numeracy skills for early years education.Both these series for students in kindergarten to grade 2 and can be incorporated in class and can also be used by parents who want to teach Urdu at home.


The SABAQ Monitoring and Reporting Tool is an interactive portal that allows SABAQ to effectively monitor and evaluate teacher performance and learning outcomes carried out through in-depth observation. Profiles on each Learning Center, teacher and student are maintained to help monitor their progress and attendance. Data from observations is recorded in real-time and is evaluated against pre-set criteria. SMART also features SMS and email options that allow for constant communication between facilitators and the monitoring staff.